Laparoscopy in Dubai

In recent times, laparoscopy has emerged as one of the widely accepted alternatives for analyzing unexplained issues in the abdomen and the pelvic area. Dr. Charles Nagy is the best laparoscopic surgeon in Dubai, with years of experience handling many cases. The procedure starts with inserting small instruments into the body and projecting the images on a large screen that enables them to detect any issues by creating a small incision into the skin.


There are several conditions for which a laparoscopic surgeon may direct any patient in Dubai to undergo surgery. These issues are detected by observing the organs, including the liver, appendix, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach, pelvic area, or spleen. These organs are examined to diagnose issues like abdominal cavity fluid, cancer progression, unexplained tumors or an abdominal mass, or disease in the liver.

Why Laparoscopy Surgery?

Laparoscopy is a novel surgical procedure that allows medical professionals to diagnose and analyze any issues that have developed but are not openly visible in the area surrounding the abdomen and the pelvis. Here are some reasons why you should consider having a laparoscopic hysterectomy:

It Supports A More Speedy Recovery

The treatment does not induce traumatic pressure on the tissues. That is, it ensures that the recovery from laparoscopic surgery is as swift as is humanly possible without putting your working tissues under stress.

It Does Not Leave Prominent Scars On The

Undergoing the procedure also has cosmetic advantages. It leaves only minor scars on your skin that are not observable overtly. Thus, it does not look unpleasant.

Requires Less Stay in the Hospital

Since it is a non-invasive procedure, it usually requires lesser time for hospital stays. You can go on the same day after the surgery. So, you can restore your daily life quicker in a minimal amount of time.

It Is a Relatively Less Complicated Procedure

Here, pelvic pain, fibroids, endometriosis, and all other conditions are treated with minimum incisions. Therefore, the risk of complications and subsequent infections are minimal.

How Much Does Laparoscopy Cost?

The cost of laparoscopic surgery in Dubai makes it one of the most suitable destinations to undergo surgery. The average cost for an adjustable gastric banding is around 2823.37 AED; a Rouxen gastric bypass costs 50.82 AED, while a general bypass costs around 26539 AED.

Laparoscopy FAQs

How Much Does Laparoscopic Surgery in Dubai Cost?

The cost of the procedure varies according to the area and the disease that is to be treated and differs from one medical institution to another. Contact Dr. Charles Nagy to know the services and rates he offers.

What are The Advantages and Risk Factors of Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopic surgery uses minimally invasive procedures and does not leave long-lasting scars, making it appealing for cosmetic reasons. Some risk factors include the development of hernias, chills, infection, or fever, amongst others.

Who Conducts Laparoscopic Surgery?

Usually, the best surgeons for laparoscopic hysterectomy are experienced gynecologists. Other medical professionals eligible for the same include an OB or a General surgeon. The whole purpose of Surgical treatment is to allow us to live longer, healthier lives. But , surgery is also a trauma to the body as It causes an inflammatory immune reaction as the body reacts to this trauma. large inflammatory reactions can cause problems such as slow recovery